Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TMBT 2012

Event : The Most Beautiful Thing 2012
Date : 14-15 September 2012
Venue : Kundasang ,Kota Kinabalu , Malaysia

13th Ultra marathon between 28month, Runners who took part in 2011 series feedback that this is so call real trail/mountain race. 
I register TMBT end of closing date &  the page shopping cart yet to took off i don't mind to pay extra compare with earlier price just trying to get a race slot :)

My 1st travel to East Malaysia , how look like ? how about Mt KK so call "GOD MOUNTAIN"

Habits... how i always pack for my ultra race for pass 2 years . 1st time to east malaysia feeling so good  fantastic  ...

The most nicer BIB collection 

Race briefing by Race Director , everyone call him "Aman"

Hotel D'Villa Rina , arrive a day before the race start

15min before the flag-off with our group leader Tony Q coach (dark blue jacket - left stand), medic, cikgu, sifu, etc ...

Yes ,game start heading to WS1, super scenery by the official photographer ! 
couple of hours rounding mt KK clear mountain view not really focus running on the road , seriously 
superb view!

WS 4 - 37km getting a "bread" loading & tea "break"

 heading to WS5 ... climb , climb & climb ...

Finally WS5 - 45km -  "chatting with raymond" enjoy the race !

WS6 - 50Km finisher medal "Congrats Choo - orange vest", for me just half way point and ready fight for the night  .

The Night no photo :  windy ,raining, cooling .... saw animal planet with natural, meh2 (goat), moo2 (cow), wow2(doggy) another so call watch out "BOOM "cow shit" haha

Just woke-up from after 1hour sleep with Deo walking to > ....
WS12 last station 97km smile face together with my buddy DEO from 60km - finishing we had a nice chat, make fun all night long :)

Muddy ... chocolate ...

 Sour turn to sweet , last km bring me up the steep hill , why ???
99KM . ouch ....

Yes , finally here after 1 day trip . oppa baseball style crossing the finishing line !

23Hours 48min 58sec for 102.5km

TMBT 100km - race course report , elevation gain/lost , map . 
din't know that sabah such a beautiful place with nice course and tough challenge

will be going back 2013 for timing achievement :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Vibram Ultra Trail HK100 - 2012

Event : Vibram Hong Kong 100 - 2012
Date : 18-19th February 2012
Distance : 100KM 

The superb race is over after 7month 04days and official site : www.hk100-ultra.com is enroll 2013 . unfortunately i not joining 3rd edition .
Hong Kong 100 is most perfect race great reflect marker/ribbon setting . Crossing error junction with closing sign ,awesome . usually race organizer just mark for direction instead wrong way just ignore the marking .

 Starting - Flag off , freaking cold .. 12c in de morning 730am

Team Bib end of 9 - 279/299/89/59

1st KM , climb with stair and smell the cow shit (boom , watch out on the ground)

1st dam , everyone is stop to snap picture :)

1st 10km , water station , camera / video 

2nd water station 10meters ahead 

2nd water station (1)

 fried rice & "mouse noddle" slow down don't push ...haha (2)
take a rest enjoy the seaview (3)

face tired but heart/mental enjoy with the view

Hk$10 for 500ml coke :) syok 

11:03am morning 

another water station 

"ba kwa" roti from water station , nice !

with HK runners stay closed get warm :) 50km mark 
(take note 1 cup enough , i took 2 feel uncomfortable feel vomit struggle for 2-3hours) 

- no Photo during the night , focus run with extreme cold weather drop below 10c , stonrg wind & botak hill.
-no wind jacket please there is not enough to cover it suggest thermal jacket put at 50-100km
-im using energizer headlamp x2 cos that time yet to get a better unit.
-park your trekking pole at 50km help last 50-100km if you lack of training , really ! but now i not really need it :)
watch the wind blow ... shit ...

Most crazy climb 80km - needle hill (front view)

when you on the top of needle hill " the most dangerous part" - going down to mid mountain (grass hill)  
- you can see the highest peak on the end is 96km (tai mo shan)

Grass hill view(88km), view back to needle hill.

at 92km point , opposite is Grass hill steep down 2km for 90km water station and steep up again to 92km as i turning back view , wa just now i was there . 

Tai mo shan with the big rock :( extreme cold ...

Inner wear 5 layers , what inside ???
-Nike 10k green
-TNF 100 singapore
-Nike wind jacket
-Thermal jacket
-Plastic bag 
-Arm warmer 
... check below photo ...

Im not joke or lier, crossing finishing line ... is real 5 layers
red shirt , green shirt , green wind jacket , thermal jacket , and took off the plastic bag , arm warmer , glove

advice 1st timer to HK100 not going for timing or trophy, ultra is all about finishing/complete , any how they still give you a reward as ...

you deserve it ...

i complete 26hours , and i not training well - slack , gain weight after sundown 100km , no gel nothing just a plan water depends on water station provided and i cramp at 18km and i meet chin ann he was giving me some sour sour thingy .
i struggle 2-3hours walking to recover my cramp and never give up with the nice scenery don't miss it .

my belly fat - Feb 2012 , 5kg lost compare to now Sept 2012

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Olympic day run 2011

Event: Olympic day run 2011 by Mcdonalds
Date: 17 July 2011
Distance: 7.43km
Time Start: 7:30am
Finishing time: 34min 27sec
Position : 52th / 150th

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Bersih Run 709

Story begin from my grandmother , “How Japanese attack our country how 513 happen in Malaysia ,you know how to survive hide under the bridge ? . I believe that in mind set just like movie .

709 - Saturday morning need to canceled my run and send my wife for work @mid valley , 7early8early start the road closure from Old Klang road toward to KL (federal Highway). Finish my breakfast at Kim gary around 10am step into shopping mall , only the apple store long queue for ipad2 “ GILA , FREE ka “? and not much people , “all stay at home J ”12pm+ and the sky going to rain anything can do ? I don’t want go home avoid the traffic jam due waiting my wife finish work 4pm.

Check my Carriage : running , vest , adizero yellow shoe “ wa bersih tak bersih” I’m decide run to KL and have a look how everything going on :

Trying to crawl / sleep on mid of highway , haha !

Start : Mid Valley > Volvo (federal Highway) > police was block all the exit to tun Sambathan , they provide me the 500ml mineral water ?water station ? I refuse to take because “tak bersih “ > straight to roundbout Petaling street meet the heavy Ultra rain > Wisma OCM > not really much people there all hide under the building cause raining, see how la later I will back to here again > Hang tuah station > Berjaya Time square > stop for hydration 7-11 Gatorade x 1 > heading to Sg.wang > Pavilion > Jalan Bukit bintang , in front federal hotel entrance small gang red shirt is going to fight with FRU . oh no , where my camera ??? amkan !

2PM : The red group(200-300ppl) sing Malaysia Anthem song and move forward face2face with FRU (the traffic light area jalan Bukit Bintang Big screen TV ) . after 10min bump each other start fighting , they only carry the Malaysia flag with stick , keep whacking for 1min , FRU start Shooting the Gas into the group and everyone start to fall back to BB plaza and all the police stand beside the open car park and ready shout “TANGKAP” when the red guild fall back able to catch 3-4 protester , look like “boh LP”. Cinya kancheong …. Better move away


Heading to Jalan Pudu , infront Magnum 4D HQ , another FRU group (around) marching sound uh uh uh , move forward to Tungshin - puduraya , there another huge Bersih group ( 5000 ppl?) was gather tungshin entrance , FRU is coming behind & cannon tank coming in front start Spray the water , “wa colour so nice, light blue macam redang “ WTF the water splash in front of me 30meter my eye is so pain and my hand itchy , this is like chlorine+acid . everyone is running inside tungshin hospital and someone take the stone throwing the tank because all get hurt by the water is no where we can escape . we get surround ? FRU shoot the gas high angle , how u shoot as angry bird . 6 bullet into hospital , WWTF , everyone pointing FRU :BABI-ANJING- SINI HOSPITAL – BODOH around 2:30pm. My eye was so pain get splash by the cannon , my whole bottle GATORADE to wash my face . 1 of the Chinese bersih members give me the pure salt , teach me how to cure , salt my face / eye , and ask me “ TAKE THIS(Makan) , my eye 80% can’t open , my oxygen is like reduce 50% capacity hard to breathe. Everyone wash the face by rain water , pipe , roof / car park drain water don’t care ! CUCI , WASH ! omg I stuck for 20min , i try to snake out small exit head back to Swiss garden hostel , try innocent not relate to bersih wearing running gear , slow walk back to hangtuah station , and turn back wisma OCM ( stadium Merdeka ) .

The real group is here with yellow shirt / band around 10k ? 20k ppl ? in front stadium moving to petaling street and I get squeeze in the group with all the media - video cam / photographer follow as well,I think they going move to istana . im pray hard FRU don’t come again. I keep on right walk faster to escape the crowd after Mcdonalds – Pasar seni I ran with 10k pace back to mid valley , WET of the day !

This is my first time to write a story , share with all my friends how my experience in life protester ! next time avoid the blue water , cinya pain ! support bersih !

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sundown Ultra Marathon 2011

Event: Sundown Marathon 2011
Date: 25 June 2011
Distance: 100km
Time Start: 6:00pm
Finishing time: 14H 44min 47sec
Sundown Ultra Marathon Split time
10KM - 1:08:58
20KM - 1:12:32
30KM - 1:26:08
40KM - 1:32:47
50KM - 1:32:07
60KM - 1:39:56
70KM - 1:36:51
80KM - 1:29:55
90KM - 1:32:49
100KM - 1:31:36

Monday, June 20, 2011

The XtraMile Charity Run

Event : The xtramile run ( Charity pacer )
Date : 17-18 June 2011
Event Distance : 100KM
Distance Cover : 41.37Km
Time Start : 4am from Kelana jaya
Finish time : 11.30am @ Start Society , Jalan gasing

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sundown Marathon 2011

Event: Sundown Marathon 2011
Date: 28 May 2011
Distance: 42.44km
Time Start: 10:00pm
Finishing time: 5H 29min 27sec

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bomba Run 2011

Event: Larian Bersama Bomba
Date: 8 May 2011
Distance: 10.93km
Time Start: 7:30am
Finishing time: 52min 42sec
Position : 83 / 100 medalist

Saturday, April 30, 2011

adination Run 2011

Event: adination run
Date: 30 April 2011
Distance: 3.3km x 4 = 13.2km
Time Start: 7:00pm
Finishing time:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kinrara Metta Run 2011

Event: Kinrara Metta Run
Date: 24 April 2011
Distance: 7km (GPS 8.13km)
Time Start: 7:30am
Finishing time: 38min 04sec