Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TMBT 2012

Event : The Most Beautiful Thing 2012
Date : 14-15 September 2012
Venue : Kundasang ,Kota Kinabalu , Malaysia

13th Ultra marathon between 28month, Runners who took part in 2011 series feedback that this is so call real trail/mountain race. 
I register TMBT end of closing date &  the page shopping cart yet to took off i don't mind to pay extra compare with earlier price just trying to get a race slot :)

My 1st travel to East Malaysia , how look like ? how about Mt KK so call "GOD MOUNTAIN"

Habits... how i always pack for my ultra race for pass 2 years . 1st time to east malaysia feeling so good  fantastic  ...

The most nicer BIB collection 

Race briefing by Race Director , everyone call him "Aman"

Hotel D'Villa Rina , arrive a day before the race start

15min before the flag-off with our group leader Tony Q coach (dark blue jacket - left stand), medic, cikgu, sifu, etc ...

Yes ,game start heading to WS1, super scenery by the official photographer ! 
couple of hours rounding mt KK clear mountain view not really focus running on the road , seriously 
superb view!

WS 4 - 37km getting a "bread" loading & tea "break"

 heading to WS5 ... climb , climb & climb ...

Finally WS5 - 45km -  "chatting with raymond" enjoy the race !

WS6 - 50Km finisher medal "Congrats Choo - orange vest", for me just half way point and ready fight for the night  .

The Night no photo :  windy ,raining, cooling .... saw animal planet with natural, meh2 (goat), moo2 (cow), wow2(doggy) another so call watch out "BOOM "cow shit" haha

Just woke-up from after 1hour sleep with Deo walking to > ....
WS12 last station 97km smile face together with my buddy DEO from 60km - finishing we had a nice chat, make fun all night long :)

Muddy ... chocolate ...

 Sour turn to sweet , last km bring me up the steep hill , why ???
99KM . ouch ....

Yes , finally here after 1 day trip . oppa baseball style crossing the finishing line !

23Hours 48min 58sec for 102.5km

TMBT 100km - race course report , elevation gain/lost , map . 
din't know that sabah such a beautiful place with nice course and tough challenge

will be going back 2013 for timing achievement :)

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Lee Lee said...

Congrats Jeff! It's really an amazing feat to complete 100km. I might give it a try next year!